random things you don’t necessarily need to know:

1. I am married to a wonderful man named Ron. Our 2nd anniversary is coming up, and those 2 years have flown by!

2. I teach second grade and love it. My kids are amazing and we have so much fun together.

3. We have a dog named Maddux, who we talk to as though he can understand us. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know he’s a dog.

4. I’m afraid of thunderstorms.

5. Pretty much, I only drink mountain dew or sweet tea. Apparently most people don’t like tea as sweet as I do. oops.

6. I like to cook and try out new recipes, but I hate cleaning up the mess that I make when doing it.

7. My husband is a pastor in Holly Springs.

8. I get homesick for Broadhaven, Wales anytime I reminisce and look at pictures from my trips there.

9. I talk to my mom every morning and every afternoon on my way to and from work. Sometimes, I think I annoy her because I call so frequently.

10. I l.o.v.e. Christmas. Last year, I decorated in October. I really did it to see if my husband would let me.

11. Reading is a hobby of mine. I used to have a little more time for it, and read a lot more often. It wasn’t unusual for me to be reading 2+ books at a time, or to reread a favorite for the 3rd, 4th, or 5th time.

12. When I was born, I had 7 grandmothers living. Since then, I’ve added 5 through remarriages, and 5 have passed away, so I have 7 now.

13. I was a spoiled rotten youngin’

14. I’m a serious procrastinator, but I justify it to myself by saying that I work better under pressure.

15. Through the process of buying our first house, I’m learning that I really don’t have a preference about things like undermount sinks or doorknobs.


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