September 5, 2010

Today began a new journey for my husband and I. This marked the first Sunday that my husband preached at The Village Church at Holly Springs as their pastor. Ron and I have been going to VCHS for about a year, and they called him to be their pastor 3 weeks ago today. It has been amazing to see the way the Lord has orchestrated this whole process, from us visiting the church, to praying about joining and serving with them, to submitting his resume to the pastor search committee, to them calling him as the pastor.

Now begins the excitement of moving forward. We are so excited to see how God is going to move in the community of Holly Springs. We are not naive to believe everything will be easy, but we do know we have our greatest source of strength in the Lord during those challenging times.

After sharing the news with a friend of mine from college, she made the comment that had she told me four years ago I would be married to a pastor, I would have never believed it. In fact, I probably would have laughed. Not that I wasn’t a believer at that point in my life, but I was definitely living a life that was of the world and living for my self, and had been for quite some time. But God is gracious, and it’s incredible to think on how he has transformed my life! I don’t think I’ll ever feel “good enough” (who does?) to fill this role, but I feel so blessed that the Lord saw fit to use me in this way. I count it a privilege to be able to serve my God alongside my husband at our church.

We are both blessed to have the majority of our family living close by. Because of that, many of them will visit our church over the next few weeks to hear Ron preach. Today, my dad and his family, and two of my former co-workers with their kids came to visit. We almost doubled the size of the congregation! It was great to see everyone and to know we have their support as we embark on this journey God has led us to!