Chicken N Dumplins

May 5, 2010

Traditions are pretty important in my family. If my grandmother fixes something different for Christmas Eve dinner, someone is bound to get upset. We ALWAYS eat chicken ‘n dumplins. All of the grandkids help drop the rolled out dumplings into the pot and over the years, I’ve learned how to make them!

The first time I made them was when I was student teaching in Ireland. I wanted to make an authentic southern meal for my host family and decided I couldn’t get much more southern than chicken ‘n dumplins! They really aren’t that difficult to make and definitely feel more legit than using the refrigerated dough from the grocery store! My hubby was impressed that I actually mixed up and rolled out the dough for the dumplings and ate quite a bit of this tasty recipe!

What you need:

2 Chicken breasts, bone-in (you can use boneless, just add chicken broth to the water)

2 cups all purpose flour

2 tsp salt, divided


Boil chicken in a large pot of salted water. With the bone in, it will make it’s on broth. If using boneless skinless chicken breasts, add about 2 cups of chicken broth to the water. While the chicken is cooking, mix flour, 1 tsp of salt and half a cup of water in small bowl. Knead until it is a doughy consistency. Roll out onto lightly floured surface and cut into small strips.

When the chicken is done, remove from the broth and set aside. Slowly drop dumplings into boiling broth. Do not stir. Remove bone from the chicken and shred meat. Put the chicken back in the pot and let boil for 5-10 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!


One Response to “Chicken N Dumplins”

  1. Shannon Heath Says:

    An all-time favorite in the Tutor household(s) for sure 🙂 My all-time favorite meal, personally. Although, I’m a little suprised Ron lets you call it Chicken ‘n Dumplings, and not Chicken Pastry 😀 Then again, he wasn’t old enough to remember much about Grandma Tutor, so he may get a pass, too 😉

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